About Us

Want your business to stand out on social media but you are overwhelmed and struggling to get your voice heard above the crowd?

You know that social media is a marketing must to grow your business but you just don’t have the time to create and be consistent with your content and engage with your audience

Exhausted and feeling weighed down trying to keep up with ever changing platforms, algorithms and updates and just as you get used to a platform, they completely change the game?

We truly understand the frustration business owners go through, getting their voice heard above the social media crowd whilst trying to keep up with the latest trends

With Elisa Marie Designz we are happy to take that weight off your shoulders.


What does our social media management include?

Plan your social media strategy, tailored to your business, goals and needs


Attract and engage your audience with daily posts and comment management

Optimise your social media profiles to increase your visibility


Design and create attention grabbing content, tailored to your brand.

Monitor and manage your accounts to successfully grow and maximise your business online.

Evaluate insights and generate monthly reports breaking down all activity across your platforms.